About Me

Bri is a mother of 4 girls & 1 boy. She is a graduate of the University of Washington. She enjoys baking, crafting, card making, sewing, dancing, running, goofing off with her family, playing board games with friends as well as snowshoeing and camping. She and her husband were married in the LDS Salt Lake Temple in 2004. Her husband Ben is research scientist currently working on malaria and tuberculosis diagnostics. When Bri was asked why she started this blog she explained, "I wanted a place to put my creations as well as a place to share ideas. I also wanted to brush up on my skills as a creative writing major and I thought that a blog would do the trick." Nori Fox is her mother.

Her blog is named Not A Cheese because her name is pronounced Br-eye not Brie like the cheese. Thus Bri is not a cheese... just a creative girl. This is why "Snip" the mouse is sad.