Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Thankful Wreath

I was inspired by a wreath I saw in Family Fun this November. They wrapped a Styrofoam wreath in fun ribbon and had guests write on solid color leaves, of one shape, what they were thankful for and pin them on as they came. While I liked that idea I wanted something for the whole month that was specific to our whole family. So I came up with this instead.
To make this wreath I wrapped the Styrofoam wreath in burlap ribbon.
Then I picked out some patterned paper at our local Ben Franklin Store. Ben Franklin has multiple die cut shapes you can use for free with their die cut machine. So I chose three leaf shapes and an acorn to cut out.
I secured the leaves and acorns on the wreath with one, and sometimes two, straight pins.
 On the back I looped some ribbon and secured it with pins to hang it up.
 Then for Family Night last night we each took turns writing on flags, made of strips of paper, what we are thankful for. Everyone then chose a place to pin it. If you have less family memembers than us feel free to make two each or write a flag that says GIVE THANKS boldly and pin it near the top.
For storing purposes I plan to pull them all out and put them in a Ziploc so they don't bend. I will toss the flags and we will make new ones next year.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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