Friday, January 27, 2012

Ribbon Cake and Whipped Frosted Cake for Baby Showers

Over the summer I made some cakes for a couple of friends' baby showers. I was asked to make a ruffle cake for the first shower and a carrot cake for the second. I really had fun learning to make the ruffle cake. I used this helpful tutorial on YouTube.

First you want to "crumb coat" your cake. I chose to do this with my left over chocolate frosting I used for the filling of the cake.

 Then using a petal tip you ruffle up all the sides of the cake. You can ruffle the top as well but I ran out of Swiss meringue buttercream icing, which was suggested as the best icing to use, and I didn't want to end up with two different blues. So make sure you make more than one batch of Swiss meringue buttercream frosting for a 2 layer 9" cake.

Then viola! Take it to your shower and put a bunting on top of it. Beautiful.


Here is a snapshot of the inside of the cake.

With the second cake I used Pastry Pride for the frosting. You can buy Pastry Pride at any Cash & Carry or restaurant supply store in the freezer section. You buy it a day or two ahead and put it in the refridgerator to thaw.  Then you whip it in your mixer until nice and thick. Pastry Pride is often used as frosting for wedding cakes. I dyed mine light orange. When applied it looks something like this.

To make your mouth water here is the inside of this carrot cake. I used the America's Test Kitchen recipe and it is filled with cream cheese frosting.

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