Monday, March 12, 2012

Cake Pop Stand Tutorial

Cake pops or brownie pops are really fun for parties. But its so much nicer to have something to display them on. Use the following steps to make a stand for your cake pops. NOTE: I only use the stands for display and not for making them. I use a Styrofoam block to make them which gets pretty abused by candy melt and sprinkles. 

To make a cake pop stand you will need the following items:

1) Buy a piece of wood cut the shape you want at your local craft store. Mine has a nice edge already done on it.

2) Collect these items: paint, paint brush, spray-on finish, pencil, ruler, drill, 9/64 in. (3,57 mm) drill bit.

3) Unwrap, measure and mark on the wood where you want the cake pops to go with an x.

4) Drill yourself, or have someone you trust with a drill, at the center of each x. You do not need to drill all the way through the board. I do not recommend drilling on a nice table, outside is best.

5) Sand around the holes you just drilled and use a cake pop stick to help move out all the unnecessary splinters.
6) Paint the desired color and spray it with a clear finish, to make it easy for it to be wiped off if dirtied.
7) Let air-out over night outside because the finish is smelly.

And Voila! You can now display cake pops easy to grab at your party.

Here is a picture of a shower that I helped with that used both my stands.

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