Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Porcupine Cake

You might be thinking "Oh! I don't think eating a porcupine cake is safe!" Rest assured that this cake is perfectly safe to eat. My daughter read a book about a porcupine and I think thats why she decided on a porcupine cake.

To make a porcupine cake you:
*Bake your desired cake batter in a 9x13
*Cool it and flip it out
*Cut in half on the 13" side and stack on top of each other (feel free to frost between the two layers)
*Freeze overnight
*Cut it into a tear drop shape and carve the head section downward
*Make your frosting
*First add a tablespoon of cocoa and reserve a 1/2 cup to frost the face
*Then add more cocoa to make the dark body
*Frost the face first then the body (make sure to save some of the dark frosting for eyes and nose.)
*Add Pocky candy all over for the quills. Make sure to put them in at an angle. Use broken ones for the front.
And Voila! A porcupine!

Porcupine party ideas:
*Play hedgehog, hedgohog, porcupine (duck, duck, goose) or pin the quills on the porcupine.
*Read "How to Hug a Porcupine," by Laurie Isop
*If its a lunch activity have porcupine meat balls
*Give out cake pops with crushed oreo cookie sprinkles on top, to give the look of porcupine with out too much effort.

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