Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Teacher and staff appreciation week came and my kindergartner and I made treats. The theme that our PTA came up with was "Our staff are stars." So going along with that theme we made shortbread star cookies dipped in white chocolate.
Shortbread cookies are mostly butter and flour with a little powdered sugar and salt. We used the America's Test Kitchen recipe. Then using a two inch star cutter cut out and baked the cookies. Before baking be sure to poke each cookie with a fork once so that they don't bubble. Once cooled melt your white chocolate in a double boiler (rather than a microwave, it burns easily) and dip each cookie in the chocolate. Let the chocolate harden. Note: one box of Bakers white chocolate will cover 50 star cookies.

To make the bag topper use the top packaging of the 4 x 6 treat bags and trace it out on the paper. Use your schools colors. Make the second color a little bigger or smaller for a bordered look. I used a die cut for the bigger star and a tiny hole punch star for the smaller ones.

Have your child write a special note to each teacher and/or write their names on the back. You can give them a card with the common words they will use on it for a guide. Attach them to the filled bag (5 cookies) by folding over the top and staple them to the back of the card. Then put some double sided sticky tape down to close so you don't see the staples from the front. Another way to do this is by stapling through both side of the yellow and glue the green piece on after.

And Voila! There you have it, treats for your favorite teachers and staff.

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