Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick Father's Day Gift

Cheers to the guy who mows the lawn. Cheers to the guy who works all day to make sure his wee ladies have clothes and food. Cheers to the guy who takes out the garbage, lays on the floor while the kiddos crawl all over him, and spends a good amount of time day dreaming about what mountain to climb next. Cheers to Dad! If you haven't gotten a small something for Dad from you or from your children, I pass along this quick project we are doing for the Dads at church tomorrow. So if you go to church with me, don't make this!

You will need:
*A bottle of DAD'S root beer (I saw singles at my local QFC)
*A rubber band (we chose the colorful ones)
*A candy bar of choice
*Scrapbook paper and/or card stock
*Double sided sticky tape
*Glue (optional)

 Download a copy of the ties here.
or if you only need a couple download this one here.

Cut your scrapbook paper to fit your printer and print. I then glued the printed on scrapbook paper to plain card stock to make it less flimsy. Cut out the ties. Use the double sided sticky tape to tape the tie to the side of the candy bar so you can still read what kind of candy it is. Then rubber band them to the bottle of root beer. Voila! There you have it, one little gift for dad. I am sure he will love it.

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