Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Wreath

(click on the picture to see it larger)
This wreath really only took a few days. But it took me a few years to finally finish. I would find it unfinished over the last few years and I would be angry that I didn't have the time to get it done. I told myself I would get it done for this Halloween. I did! I sat and watched the LDS General Conference at the beginning of the month and finished making about 130 paper roses. Yes I must be crazy! Finally hot glued them onto a Styrofoam wreath that I painted black. And for the finishing touch I used spray Modge Podge to make it a little shiny. I had no idea that spray Modge Podge existed but it does and its awesome!

 Here is where I started.

 Here is the wreath done without Modge Podge
 Close up on the roses
After the Modge Podge close up
The top picture is the finished product.

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