Monday, December 5, 2016

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him Advent

Being a mother of five children one advent calendar didn't seem like enough. So I needed to make another to help everyone get a daily turn to count down to the big day. Currently at the Wilson home we have the good old block count down. Where you rotate the blocks to show the right number of days 'till Christmas.

 We have a Christmas tree my mom and I made years ago where you put up a velcrow ornament each day. Each ornament is cross-stitched and took me a few years to complete them all, so if you don't like to cross stitch I don't recommend this one.

We have the "Usborne Advent to Color." We have used this a few years now since there is so much to color. I will probably end up making another more permanent countdown to replace it by next year. something to do with wooden trees in a scene. Stay tuned.

And then the classic get a chocolate a day advent. Which you can find at any local drugstore for a couple bucks.

But I wanted a more Christ Centered Advent for our home. One that would remind our children why we celebrate Christmas and honor our Savior. So with a friend of mine who has a vinyl machine we designed the following advent.

To make this advent go to home depot and get a pre-cut piece of sheet metal (make sure its magnetic). Mine measures 12" x 24" inches. Call up your vinyl friend, use your own machine or use my friend (Michelle Perry Slap on the vinyl! IMPORTANT NOTE: originally I panted the left side black and put the vinyl on top of the paint but the paint chipped off easily and the Vinyl wouldn't stay put. So the black square is also a piece of vinyl.

To make the advent squares go to Deseret Book or another Christian supply store and get 25 3x5 card pictures of the Savior. I went this route so the pictures we high quality and sturdy with a nice finish rather than print them myself from online photos. Cut them in 2" squares and put sheet magnet sticker paper on the back, cut a little smaller than the picture.

After that is done all you need to do is add on some brackets to hang with E6000 glue and let dry over night. I also put chair stickers on to protect my wall from the sharp corners of the metal.

Find a small box and put all your magnets in them. Then feel free to hide that box in a nearby arrangement. Or set it out with your decorations.

On December first put up your first magnet over the 25 and so on until Christmas day.

If you are feeling really amazing add some scripture references to the backs of your photos to help your daily family scripture study. I would recommend using a label maker to do this so the words do not wear or rub onto the advent board over time. I have not done this, but might in the future. 

Happy crafting and I wish you all a very Merry and Christ Centered Christmas!

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